Days 250 and 251 — Other parts of Sweden

Of course, there is much more to Sweden than Halmstad and our walks along Prins Bertils Stig, my struggles with Swedish and fuzzy shots of our TV set. Stockholm, for example. We have visited there a few times and it is a beautiful city. Kind of like Venice but with muscles.

Anyway, I thought I would switch it up a bit and post some photos of other areas of Sweden taken during our trips around the country in summers past. So, here we go.

View of the city..City hall building. The tower is very impressive inside. You can walk to the top. Unfortunately, we did not go up this trip but trust me on this one. The photos are being inserted in random order for some reason. I am using a different computer and have no idea what is happing. Thanks, Microsoft. The wall sculptures were done by Halmstad sculptor Walter Bengsston who was a friend of Mariette’s dad. These are located in the bottom floor/souvenior store at the bottom of the TV tower building in the city. It is the tallest building on Sweden. . 

This is city hall from a distance.

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