Day 257 — Skansen

In the 1890s, the Swede who founded the Nordic museum in Stockholm also founded the first open air museum in Sweden called Skansen. It is an amazing trip back to pre-industrial Sweden, going back as far as the 1600s including the accurate recreation of a 19th century Swedish town complete with bakery, hardware story, glass blowing shop, apothecary and much more. The founder went around Sweden and took 150 buildings, pulled them apart, transported them to the museum site and reassembled them. It is an amazing, amazing place and can easily take two days to fully explore. There is also a zoo with all nordic animals including bears, wolves, moose, seals and lots more.The guy’s grave is in one corner of the park.

(Sorry that I cannot exercise enough control over the computer I am currently using to arrange these in a logical sequence or supply proper commentary, so the pictures themeslves will have to suffice.)

You get the idea. When I get back home I will try to revisit Skansen again with more pictures and more text. It is one of my favorite places in Sweden.


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