Day 261 — Mora

Located in about the middle of the country, Mora is important historically for Sweden. It was there in 1520 where Gustav Vasa organized the rebellion against the Danish king which ultimately led to Sweden’s independence from Denmark. In the center of the town is the finish line for the Vasaloppet cross country ski marathon. We visited there a few years ago and here are some photos of our visit.


The town lies on this beautiful lake.

The most famous resident of Mora was the artist Anders Zorn. Along with Carl Larsson, Zorn stands atop Sweden’s artist mountain. Here is the entrance to Zorn’s house and the museum that houses some of his works. (Gustav Vasa was never a resident. Like us, he was merely passing though, albeit on skis in winter. We were in a car in summer. Big difference. He was being hotly pursued my murderous Danes. We were pursuing a vacation.

Zorn’s house.

Mora lies in Dalarna County and the Dalarna horse comes from here. These are literally all over the country especially during Christmas season.

Nice looking church with St. George killing the dragon.


Interesting teepee/cabin in the campground where we stayed. Our lodging was much less interesting than this.



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