Day 262 — Sweden’s mountains

Down where we live way in the south of Sweden, the winter was very mild (though I heard a rumor we may be getting some more snow soon), but up north they engage in months of biathalon, ski jumping, alpine racing, cross country racing and luge if the sports shows on TV are any indication. About the northern 60% of Sweden has mountains, not giant peaks like the Rockies because the Ice Ages of the recent past have kind of shaved everything down, but still there are nice skiing areas. We visited one a few summers ago and it is very different topography from Halmstad but every bit as beautiful.

Little crafts stores abound in Sweden, often in the middle of nowhere. One wonders how they manage. This place was literally in the middle of nowhere, admittedly a beautiful nowhere.


View from the top of the tower.

Two-man drum circle with Olof who was about 4 at the time. (Olof is Ackie’s son; who is Ackie? See next picture.) 

On a bike/hike with Mariette’s looooong time friend Ackie.

It looks as though I am admiring the view but in truth I was sucking wind from a particularly steep part of our climb.

On a hike with Ackie.

Don’t try this at home if home is the U.S.: drinking out of a lake.

Mariette on a bike trip taking on a summer rain storm.

The town of Are (the A should have a little circle over it and the word is pronounced Ohrah) is the prime ski area in Sweden and here is a shot of one of the ski runs.

4 thoughts on “Day 262 — Sweden’s mountains

    • Meg, Thanks. The one picture we did not get were the two moose running down the road one day at about 30 mph. They were juveniles who jumped the fence that supposedly barriers the highway but there they were running along the cars lickety split. The crossed in front of us and hopped the fence on the other side. Very memorable scene.

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