Days 266 to 270 — Spring days

Spring in Sweden is a little different than what I was used to for so many years in California. The temperature sinks below zero C. at night and when I was out walking the dog this morning around 6:30 that is about what it was out. Tomorrow morning it will be  -7 C. Still, it is incredibly beautiful. The day was 13 1/2 hours long and sunny. Quite a difference from just a couple months ago.


Here we are at 6:30 this morning looking east.

And west just as the first rays were hitting the coast. (Sorry for the fuzziness. Do not adjust your monitor.)

Then, this evening at 6:30 p.m., things were just as beautiful.

In between was not all sunrises and sunsets, however. I began to confront the gauntlet of getting a Swedish drivers license. My California license is valid for a year and after that I need a Swedish one. The process is far more involved and far more expensive than a California license. I started reading up on it and you have to get an eye exam first. Then you do a course that teaches you to drive on slippery roads. They oil a patch of road to simulate ice. Then you do a theory course to learn the rules of the road in Sweden including the road signs. Fortunately, there are not many police here because many is the time I have made a right hand turn at a red light, which is illegal here yet I did it all my life in California. Following the theory course is the driving exam. In between many people take private driving lessons at one of the many driving schools in town (I have seen at least three in a fairly small area downtown). Each step of the process carries its own fee, and I read that to get a license costs around 5000 kronor at least, or about 700 bucks. I will get more information tomorrow at the government center in town.

I had some time to kill this afternoon so I went the library. I had to use the toilet and one was being cleaned so I used the handicapped one and this room was really set up. There are rails  on the ceiling that enable someone to literally be picked up out of a wheelchair and moved into position on the toilet.

This unit moves anywhere in the room and can hoist a person from wheelchair to seat.

Two of the four rails that enable anyone to  any spot in the room.

This is the libraries’ chandelier.

Easter will be here Sunday and Mariette received a little gift from her job, some tasty wine and chocolate eggs.  The sign reads: A really happy and good Easter. Best wishes, Ekbacken (Oak Hill, the name of the preschool). Easter is a whole different holiday here, more of which in a later entry. It is a four day holiday here, pretty interesting for a country that claims to be 85% atheist.





3 thoughts on “Days 266 to 270 — Spring days

  1. Hi Dan,
    Your blog is fascinating and I often forward it to my mom, Nanci.
    Can you please add her as a recipient? Her e-mail is:
    Thanks and hugs & kisses to you and Mariette & Happy Easter!

  2. Dan,

    I found your report on getting a Swedish DL very interesting. I’d be very curious to know how the drivers are there, and the ratio of accidents,

    • So would I. My guess is that they are pretty good drivers. The legal level for blood alcohol is only .02, which is 1/4 of what it is in the U.S. and Canada.

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