Days 273 and 274 — Easter Sunday

The days are approaching 14 hours of daylight and the weather on this Easter Sunday was gorgeous: bright blue sky, no wind (in the morning at least) and temperatures in the 40s. We were greeted by swans on our morning walk.

By lunchtime when we took a walk in the other direction on our way to a picnic, people were out in droves (well, droves for a country of  9.5 million in an area larger than California).

Sorry everything is washed out. The sun was super bright and my phone camera evidently could not handle it. But, as Mariette said, everything tastes better outdoors on a picnic.

Feel free to use this for a picture postcard (albeit a little fuzzy):

On the way home we stopped by this little nearly church and old bell tower. The church was moved from somewhere in the middle of the country fifty years ago, disassembled board by board and reconstructed here.

How gorgeous a day was it? Well, some people in our neighborhood were proudly flying the Swedish flag. What that flag has to do with Easter I am not quite sure.

We topped off a fantastic day with a fantastic meal of salmon, potatoes and carrots with strawberries and ice cream for dessert. Then, for a final and iconic Swedish touch, the sky clouded over and we are due for rain tomorrow and Tuesday.

Hope everyone’s Easter was as enjoyable as ours. Tomorrow is the final day of the holiday, Annandagspåsk and I will explain it when I learn what it is. Till then, Happy Easter!



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