Days 279 and 280 — A perfect spring day

I intended to get more into the ins and outs of Swedish political life, but I was distracted today by a bout of spring fever. Blue skies, no wind and comfortable temperatures derailed us from our other plans for the day. Blackbirds singing in the trees cemented the deal: nothing was going to get done today.

We packed fika and walked to the beach at Tylösand. Along the way, Mariette pointed out signs that the frost is over and isn’t coming back. These yellow flowers, tussilago, only come up when the ground has unfrozen.

Mariette says that the beach, which basically runs west from town 9 km away to Tylösand and then north for a few more km is the longest beach in Sweden. The day was very pleasant but the ocean was still pretty damn cold. I went in up to my ankles and it hurt like hell. Her uncle bathes in the ocean on New Years Day. There must be a secret or I am just a wuss.

View of the spa at the Hotel Tylösand.

The 12th hole of the golf course offers a convenient short cut home.

The sea is plainly visible through the trees for another couple weeks until the leaves come in.

After dinner we took another walk. A few degrees warmer and it could have been a summer evening.

In between the two excursions, Mariette went around with a much better camera and shot some of the flowers coming up in our yard and the forest nearby.

These are “vitsippor” and I am told that they cover the forest floor in spring.

They call these Easter Lillies here. To me they are daffodils.

More daffodils growing wild in the forest.

While Mariette was out taking photos, I was busy too . . .

Yes, grabbing my first rays of the year. Meanwhile, Stockholm had 8 inches of snow today. Well, tomorrow it is supposed to be cloudy all day, perfect for getting things done in the yard and around the house. But we will always have today.




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