Days 286, 287 and 288 — Population boom

Sweden’s population hit 9.5 million on Friday, not bad for a country that is 173,000 square miles in size. They made a big deal of it because it only took them 8 years to go from 9 million to 9.5. They couldn’t wait a few more years to announce that it was now a nice round 10 million.

California is 10,000 square miles smaller and has a population of 37.5 million.  According to the article in the main Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter (Daily News) half of the people born today are expected to live to be 100. Half! Most will probably still be riding bicycles, too.

Meanwhile, spring is rather late and slow to arrive. A friend who lives in the middle of the country called yesterday and they had 10 cm of snow overnight and 20 the week before. But down here the weather has been a little cooler than normal, but I have found it pleasant and we don’t seem to have had too much rain. At any rate, we have a little plot for a garden all ready to go and yesterday Mariette’s parents prevailed on me to trim their willow tree which was getting out of control in exchange for a fabulous spaghetti dinner. Mariette’s mom makes the best spaghetti I have ever tasted.

And then there these little guys, called vitsippor or wood anemones.

They are a sure sign of spring and Mariette says the forest floors are covered with them in some places. We live down by the shore so they aren’t as prevalent here, but they are around for sure. I saw some this morning on a walk and then this evening when we went by the same spot there seemed to me a lot more, so maybe things are about to take off, vegetationally speaking. Either way, we are really, really enjoying life here. What’s not to like about 14 hour and 45 minute long days that are only going to get longer for another 2 months.



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