Day 289 — A Swedish dump

Yesterday I posted some photos of the willow tree in Mariette’s parents’ yard, which needed a haircut. All those branches needed to go somewhere, so today, since I didn’t have Swedish class, Mariette’s father and I hauled everything to the dump in town. When  I was a kid, going to the dump in Redwood City was a fun adventure. It was located right down at the shore of San Francisco Bay and we would have the car full of whatever junk needed to be gotten rid of. We would pay our couple of bucks and drive into the dump and find a spot to unload. The car was backed up next to a huge pile of stinking refuse and the detritus of 1950s post war Americana. The place had a unique odor which is hard to describe other than “it smelled like the dump.” Seagulls were everywhere and the wind was usually blowing. It was always fun to start pitching stuff onto the pile, seeing how far we could throw it or trying to break glass objects. Little did we know of the damage we were doing to San Francisco Bay. Times have changed and the local dump there today is in San Carlos but it is still a filthy stinking place except that it is inside a huge acres large cement building. You still pay to drive your vehicle in but paint, motor oil and other hazardous items are dropped off in a special area. The dump is still a dump but now that it is indoors is not nearly as much fun.

If you want a contrast between the U.S and Sweden I can’t think of a greater one than comparing dumps. Here are some pictures of a Swedish dump.

Instead of just chucking everything into a general area, everything is placed in one of about 25 different dumpsters for different items. Here is where we dumped our tree trimmings.

This means branches and twigs. Other bins are for bigger branches, compost, lumber and you name it. Socialist neat freaks at work. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything is recycled by Ikea and turned into furniture.

This stuff is definitely recycled. Little recycling centers like this one at the dump are all over town. Supermarkets have recycling centers that pay you for your old bottles and cans.

One final touch–crash proof planters with spring flowers blooming. “Only in Sweden.” I said to one of the workmen who came over to admire my bike trailer. He had to agree.

Speaking of recycling centers in supermarkets, the post office is there too. I went to the nearby giant supermarket and mailed a couple letters. You can also play the horses at your local market and buy all manner of lottery tickets. Everyone takes a number an patiently waits for their number to be called.

On the way home I passed one of the local churches and thought it might be neat to check out the graveyard in springtime. They did not disappoint.

The weather was incredible today, 60 degrees and sunny for the most part. Most comfortable weather in months (though I was in the U.S. in March and  missed some beautiful days). And the dearly departed are looking comfortable too with spring flowers decorating their resting places.

Also on the way home was another distraction, a beautiful nature preserve with the best ice cream shot in all of Halmstad.

Fields all ready for planting.

Here is Riccardo’s self-proclaimed world famous Italian ice cream shop.

Here’s Riccardo himself. He told me he was in California in November and went to LA, Las Vegas and hiked down the Grand Canyon. He loves America and has bought the story that if you work hard in America you will make it. I agree, up to a point.

And here is the reason for my visit, handmade cherry ice cream. We will definitely be back.

While I was losing 2 out of 3 falls to Serendipity, Mariette was hard at work photographing the spring flowers that are now popping up all over the neighborhood. Here camera is light years better than my phone camera so allow me to treat you all to some Swedish springtime.

These are more of the wood anemones that I posted a shot of yesterday, which Mariette called truly pathetic. I had to agree.

This is from the yard next door and there were literally 1/10th of these little suckers there yesterday as today.

One more view of those wood anemones which showed up literally overnight.

I didn’t think to take my temperature today but it occurs to me now reviewing this post that I may have been running a bit of a fever. No envy, please. I will be back in class tomorrow in my life and death struggle with that boa constrictor known as Swedish.





2 thoughts on “Day 289 — A Swedish dump

    • Oh, yeah, it used to be basically a free for all at the dump. They took all the fun out of it by moving indoors but it is still a mess at the dump, at least where I lived.

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