Day 290 — Money, money, money

Money was in the news today. Swedish banks are making a killing thanks to the interest they are collecting on mortgage loans but they say they have no plans to lower rates. Bankers are bankers everywhere. What else would one expect. Someday, one hopes, the creation of credit will be a public utility like the roads and water.

On a lighter note, the government announced new designs for the kronor notes today. Check these out.

The 20 kronor note (about three dollars) features Astrid Longren and to the right is the figure of her most notable creation, Pippi Longstocking, who Stieg Larsson said was his model for Lisbeth Salander in his Millennium Trilogy series.

The 50 kronor note will feature Evert Taube, noted Swedish troubadour.

The 100–Greta Garbo. How can a country be serious about money when it is not drab green with pictures of dead presidents?

The 200 kronor note is new and features Ingemar Bergman. The backs of the new notes show scenes from the are where they lived, in Bergman’s case the little island of Fårö and the beautiful rock formations that I showed in a post on the blog last month. You saw it here first!

The 500 note will feature Brigitt Nilsson, legendary soprano.

And, finally, the new 1000 crown note will show Dag Hammarskjöld, former Secretary General of the U.N.

I found these other pictures of themes that were considered for the notes.

This theme was Aurora Borealis.

And finalist this was a movie theme, all with the same characters. The notes will be in circulation in 3 years. Plan your trips for 2015!


9 thoughts on “Day 290 — Money, money, money

  1. The choice of people feels like a list of names people in their sixties and seventies look up to. Celebrities from a by-gone age and I hate it. They should be people from history that made a lasting impression on Sweden or the world. Carl von Linne will still be remembered in a hundred years, will Birgit Nilsson or Greta Garbo?
    I think the main reason they chose this path is so that they could have a perfectly equal gender distribution without being obvious about it. That is why they have limited themselves to the 20th century and looked almost exclusively at the arts. I’m saddened by their narrow-mindedness.

    • No need to be sad, Fredrik. It’s only money. I would have preferred Lars Vilks, Ingemar Johannson and Lisbeth Salander. The Bergman choice I like and also Pippi Longstocking.

  2. So funny that you wrote about this- just a few days ago I started writing a post about money and who is on Kronors as opposed to all presidents on the USD. I think the variation is refreshing and shows a lot about culture. However, I’m not a huge fan of the new picks- and even less so for the style. I love how the Swedish money looks now, like artwork, I don’t like that the new money is photos. It takes away something unique and looks so plastic.

    (Was great meeting you the other day!!)

  3. Hi, I didn´t know about the new notes so thats news for me. It´s good to be back on your blog Dan, always interesting to read about how experience things that I haven´t even reflected on. It´s just how it is, right!

      • Yes, I´m back now. It´s good to be back. Talking about money, Canada will soon introduce plastic notes, good if you wanna go for a swim!

        Great to see some pics from the fall back home, it´s beautiful. It´s nice here as well, all the rain produces so much greenery.

      • Hi, Helena, Wow, plastic money. Now we are getting somewhere! Spring is getting real beautiful here. Like summer yesterday and today. Say hi to Craig for us! We are going to Morup for the cleaning day on Friday.

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