Days 298 and 299 — Back in the swim

Mariette has a couple of uncles, one who swims year round and another who swims from May to November. May 1st is sort of a traditional day when people begin bathing again after taking the winter off. Not many have taken a dip, however, because the water is only about 50 F. I understand their hesitancy as I can now personally attest that it is pretty damn chilly in there. Mariette was on hand to document.

After I was in to my belly button, things got i-i-i-i-i-interesting.

Nothing to it. It is amazing how warm you feel the minute you get out. Makes you want to go in again.

Enough for today.

And I live to dunk another day.

Mariette took these shots on her bike trip home from work today.

Green is exploding all over and the weather has been summer-like for several days now. That is due to end tomorrow and we will have rain next week, so you enjoy it while you can.

The question is: will I go for a dip tomorrow?


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