Days 306 to 308 — Happy Mother’s Day (and Birthday), Mom!

My dear sweet mother completed her 95th trip around the sun on Monday May 7th and today is celebrating the feat with the family. Since her birthday always came so close to Mother’s Day, she always got short-changed, much as people whose birthdays are near Christmas do. She never seemed to mind, though. Thought I would share the picture of her that hangs on my office wall.

Have a great party tonight, Mom! We love you.

Was very stormy today here, which was wonderful. We walked to the beach at Tylösand.

Well, isn’t this interesting. I am getting messages that I have exceeded my upload quota.

After five pictures?! What is going on, WordPress. There is a LOT more that happened today. Okay, then. I will publish this and do another post. To be continued . . .


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