Day 312 — Kristi Himmelsfärds Dag

On the 40th day after Easter, the Bible says that Christ appeared before His disciples and said, basically, “Hej då,” and departed for heaven.

Here is the scene as seen through the paintbrush of Andrea Magenta.

Translated, this post title is Christ Traveling to Heaven Day and it signals another 4 day weekend here in the Workers Paradise.

It always falls on a Thursday and the Friday following is called a “clem dag” or squash day, meaning a day squashed in between a holiday and the weekend. Swedes, who stay away from church in huge numbers, nevertheless take full advantage of the holiday. In a bow to creeping American consumerism some stores are open tomorrow with big sales.

The energy is beginning to ramp up here. Spring is in full swing and most trees have their leaves. This morning on a walk I noticed literally acres of blueberry plants that I had not seen last time I went on that route. We are definitely buying blueberry rakes this year. The pull the berries off the plant and deposit them in a box that you then empty into your bowl or bag. Can’t wait for July.

We are heading down to Lund and Malmö for a couple days to visit friends, including Bianca’s old stomping grounds to check out some new puppies. I hope we can get to the big church in Lund because there is a clock there that is out of this world.



2 thoughts on “Day 312 — Kristi Himmelsfärds Dag

    • Meg, Hope so. Not now, though, maybe this summer. Two can be only minimally more work than one but easily twice as much fun. Have a great 4 day weekend!

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