Day 313 — Road Trip

Today being a religious holiday, we went to a church as part of our road trip to the more extreme south of the country. Our first stop was Bianca’s birthplace in a place out in the middle of a beautiful nowhere called Orkeljunga.

These two monsters were part of Bianca’s life as a pup but today she realized she was on their turf and was utterly respectful.

The road in and out of the farm was gorgeously covered with a canopy of new leaves. 

 The yellow rapeseed fields on the way south were amazing as always.



Next stop, Eslov where we dropped off some stereo equipment to Mariette’s brother and then took him and his sambo Isabella down to Lund to their rehearsal studio. Isabella sprung for a massive drum set and has taught herself to play. Kristoffer plays keyboard and bass and Mariette joined in for some jamming, which was lots of fun.

Next it was onto the Dome Church a short walk away from the studio. Inside is one of the most incredible contrivances in existence–a massive astronimical clock that does all manner of incredible calculations, too numerous to mention here. I will fill in some more info in a later post.

They began building the thing in the 1400s and it is mostly wood.

Oops., fuzzy picture. Bad lighting.

After Lund, we headed 10 miles down the road to Malmo. After checking into a hotel that accepts dogs, we took a walk in the nearby Kings Park. Very beautiful in the spring.

You can’t see the duck poop but it was everywhere.

















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