Day 314 — Road Trip (continued and repeated)

Something strange happened with the last half of yesterday’s post. It disappeared for some unknown reason. I used our laptop to do the post and it was much more complicated and then my reward was half of it missing. Oh, well, it gives me opportunity to expand more on the Domed Church in Lund and its incredible clock. To refresh:

The Domed Church in Lund was built some time around 1085, or at least begun around then. It is massive. And from the soot on the stones it looks like it has not been cleaned since the 13th Century. Anyhow, inside is an amazing astronomical clock.

Here is some information about it, courtesy of Wikipedia:

The astronomical clock of the cathedral, the Horologium mirabile Lundense, was made around 1424. After having been in storage since 1837, it was restored and put back in place in 1923.

When it plays, one can hear In dulci jubilo from the smallest organ in the church, while six wooden figures, representing the three magi and their servants, pass by Mary and Jesus. The clock plays two times a day, at 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. every day, except on Sundays when the earliest playing takes place at 1:00 p.m. in order not to interrupt the morning service.

On top of the clock there are two knights that mark the hours. The upper board of the clock is the astronomical clock. It shows, among other things, the different phases of the Moon and where the Sun sets.

The lower board of the clock is a calendar. With the help of it one can, among other things, calculate when different mobile religious holidays will fall and on which weekday a certain date will fall. In the middle of the calendar stands Saint Lawrence, the Patron Saint of the Cathedral, and by his side the Symbols of the Four Evangelists. The present board of the clock goes from 1923 to 2123, after that a new one must be obtained so that the clock can be used.

It is a most amazing contraption.

Some more repeated photos from our trip to the King’s Park yesterday:

A waterway running through the park.

This is a biiiiig tree. I had Mariette stand in front to provide some scale in this and the next shots.

Now THAT is a tree.

So is this.

This, on the other hand, is a statue of a young woman with no clothes enjoying the sunny day. It was a little cool for us to go au natural though.

A telephone booth from the central square in Lund that I forgot to include in yesterday’s (erased) post.

This is the Little Square in Malmö. The white building in the background is an Italian restaurant where I ordered spaghetti and was brought a pizza instead. Fortunately, it was a very good pizza. (My Swedish could be worse than I think, and I think it is pretty bad.)

This is City Hall on the Big Square in the heart of town. Mariette used to work in a building kitty corner from here.

We returned this afternoon and I took some more shots while waiting for a friend. Today was gorgeous, very sunny and lots of people were out taking advantage of it.

Very cool fountain on the Big Square.


Found this in another nearby square.

Today in a shop we found these amazingly detailed settings. The adult figures are maybe three inches high. The detail on the furniture was astonishing. Hope you can see it. The little wine glasses on the table are maybe 1/4 inch high. They hold, what, one drop of wine?

Imagine making these in wintertime when your fingers are numb from the cold so you have to wear mittens!

These are not miniatures. This is Mariette’s long time friend Marie. Their sons were born on the same day, they both work with computers (and very successfully) and both married dark haired women. And both their mothers are crazy, according to Marie. You would not believe this woman is a grandmother four times over. Living proof that remaining young at heart keeps you young. This is the first time we have seen Marie since we moved here but look forward to many more visits.

We spent a few hours gabbing away in the courtyard of a vegetarian cafe.

Then, in the afternoon we visited with another old friend, Magnus. He is a dental technician who makes crowns, dental implants and false teeth, so you can imagine the precision needed for that kind of work. He is applying the same attention to detail in totally restoring a 1959 Cadillac. I think I mentioned before that Swedes love old American cars from the 1950s and 60s, Caddys especially. He has the engine, transmission and the entire chassis done and is working on the body. It will be quite the showpiece when finished. We got so involved in the conversation that I forgot to take a picture for posterity.

Anyway, it was a fantastic trip and Bianca comported herself admirably, meaning we can start taking her more and more places.

And just to end things, here are a couple more photos from the trip.

The primary yellow of the rapeseed fields that blanket southern Sweden from now until mid summer are probably as cheerful a sight as can be found anywhere.

Can’t wait to do more traveling.





2 thoughts on “Day 314 — Road Trip (continued and repeated)

  1. Thank you both for a wonderful gathering, and please give Bianca a big hug from me.

    I’m really looking forward to vist your home soon!

    Love to you both xx

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