Day 315 — Big happenings

A new car dealership opened up here today, BilMånsson Ford. There is an area a few km from town where all the big American style stores are located and that’s where this new dealership is located. There was a sizable crowd when I arrived which must have been close to 1,000 people all of whom were there to see a concert by one of the top groups in this year’s Melodifestival, Timotej.

Ford’s new entries into the electric car field:

Right after I snapped those those shots the girls’ “concert” started.

One plays accordion, one plays flute, one guitar and one fiddle. The instruments are just props and all their music is prerecorded and only their voices are live. The concert consisted of 3 songs, a “tack så mycket” and boom, gone. Good looks takes them a long way because it certainly is not musicianship if the instruments are fake. Anyway, they did hang around to sign autographs for their adoring fans.

After the show the crowd headed for the exits en masse. The dealership people did not do too good a job at getting people into their Fords. They could at least have handed each person a brochure or something. They did arrange to have some other beauties on display, however, that were the real thing:

Does any car manufacturer even offer a red interior anymore?

Or an engine you can work on yourself?

The day’s entertainment over, I went to do my errands. Mariette, meanwhile, was out in the yard. She has a thing about dandelions in the yard and is determined to get rid of them all. Biking home I realized this is a losing battle.

This field is maybe half a mile from our house and with the wind carrying the seeds hither and yon, there is every chance we will have them popping up forever. Mariette has an American attitude towards them: war. Mine is more like Sweden: neutral.



4 thoughts on “Day 315 — Big happenings

  1. Dandelion greens are quite edible, perhaps pick all of them for consumption! 🙂

    It is 100F outside, so it seems that hot weather is now finally upon us!

    • Sinar, Yeah, that is what I keep telling Mariette. Her parents have a turtle who eats nothing but, save for a few raspberries in summer. It was over 90 here yesterday, so we aren’t far behind you and we are at the coast!

  2. Hi Dan, Glad your having a joyous time at the start of summer. We had an 18hour 5min day yesterday (26th) and realized we never really had a spring. It just went from winter to our “mud season” (when everything thaws out – dirt roads included) and then smack into summer in the high 70s and low 80s. I know how mariette can beat the yellow intruders… have her mow the lawn every 2-3 days. No dands in her lawn. You should be able to find a cheap push mower at a lawn sale so she doesn’t pump hydrocarbons into the beautiful air.

    • Peter, the main hydrocarbons being pumped into the air is her reminding me that it is time to mow the lawn–AGAIN! Things really explode around here. An 18 hour day? Hell with dawn and dusk, we are probably over 20 by now!

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