Day 316 — Ka-blooom! Summer has arrived

Sixteen hour days and 80 F. Now we are talking. Summer weather has arrived and true to form, if it reaches 80, Swedes begin flaking out. Mariette was complaining about how hot it was (though her back in a knot from overdoing it in the garden yesterday had much to do with it) in true Swedish fashion. But, man, it was nice today.

People were out catching their first rays of the season.

This an abandoned quarry used as a swimming hole. I yelled for those two guys to jump but they said it is now closed for diving. A couple years ago some guy jumped in, apparently hit a rock and was killed, so they have closed the place for everybody. That ledge just above the N in a circle is 18 meters high, which is about 58 feet. Pretty damn high. The kommun (county) should have investigated and found out exactly what happened before closing the place for everybody. He might have been drunk, hit a rock. Mariette pointed out that things get over regulated because one person does something stupid and the authorities restrict an activity for everybody. It’s completely illogical.

Little cafe at the Grötvik marina. Not enough shade for guests on a warm day, though.

New benches at the handicap bathing area. I went for a dip and has gone from “cold” to “fresh” over the last 2-3 weeks since I last took the plunge.

We pinched ourselves again today that we are living in a place where we used to vacation. Today was total vacation weather. Mariette went out and photographed the wild flowers in the neighborhood. None of these are in people’s yards, simply what is growing wild here.

Enough for today.


4 thoughts on “Day 316 — Ka-blooom! Summer has arrived

  1. The weather has been amazing indeed! What a shame about that area being closed. I noticed that we have been getting some nice non camera phone photos lately! Absolutely beautiful photos, Marriete!

    • Yeah, we took out back up camera to Malm with us and Mariette took her SLR with her macro lens out to shoot those flowers. A friend has a new HTC that takes great photos. I may need an upgrade soon.

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