Day 323 — The first flip out of the season

Swedes tend to get really, really happy when the weather turns nice. Several events signal the summer season and today was the first one: the Swedish equivalent of the Senior Prom. Students completing their “high school” years had their prom today which started this afternoon around 4:00. This is another of those Swedish events that Mariette said I could not miss. So, around 3:30 we began biking to the hotel at Tylösand. We got to the road leading there and saw cars lined up with people in formal wear and this was almost a mile from our house so I got this idea this was going to be big.

We got to the hotel and a sizable crowd was already there.

Note the red carpet leading to the hotel.

One by one the cars–and there were many spectacular cars–driven by proud parents, drove up, attendants opened the doors and out came the soon-to-be-graduates. I don’t know where these cars have been for the past 10 1/2 months because I have seen very few around town, though I helped two sisters last week start their father’s very nice ’65 Mustang that had stalled. These cars are probably sitting in garages all over Halmstad awaiting just such a special occasion and they were out in force today, that’s for sure.

One by one the cars stopped at the red carpet, unloaded passengers and slowly made its way through the crowd. Some pulled into a nearby parking lot to come back and watch the rest of the parade.

Students posed on the red carpet for photos. Some in the crowd applauded. This is high school here? There are definitely some pretty affluent areas in Halmstad (which reminds me I should do a post about our neighbors sometime) as one can tell from the autos that pappa and mamma are chauffeuring the kids around in.

The kids walked down the carpet into the hotel. Meanwhile the cars kept coming.

The UK and US were very well represented in the auto parade.

As you might expect, this procession was leisurely and took some time. And young people being what they are, staying inside the hotel on such a beautiful afternoon soon seemed pointless and the side door right next to the hotel entrance soon had students coming out to pose for pictures for parents and talk on their cell phones. Maybe they were talking to their friends stuck in the line half a mile yet from the red carpet.

It looked like this was going to go on for some time and there was a salmon dinner waiting at home so we began walking our bikes back along the cars still lined up. There were so many damn nice cars though, that we had to take more shots.

Maybe these three didn’t make the grade. Didn’t seem to bother them, though.

There is North Korean socialism and there is Swedish socialism. Ironically, as I did this post I was rereading George Orwell’s Animal Farm. 

At any rate, the kids looked like they were having a ball and lord knows what took place later in the evening. But the crowd was large and admiring, the weather continues to be wonderful and life is good for the 18 year olds in Halmstad. Their exams are over and in a week or two and if you think today was something, check back on June 8th or so.


6 thoughts on “Day 323 — The first flip out of the season

  1. Wow!! That is so different- I’m so glad you got to see it and post photos! Definitely something I will drag my husband to go see next year! Prom red carpet, very cool. (And you got a chance to see the cars you missed last month)

  2. Oh my, what a parade! Looks a bit like the film festival in Cannes.

    The real socialism in it all is really that some of them haven’t even made their grades but failed, and that doesn’t stop them from participating in the festivities. Grades can be taken care of later, with a little support from the government.

    Walking the red carpet is open for all and everyone, despite brains or economic means, and that’s a wonderful thing really.

    Lovely pics!

    Hope to seeing you soon 🙂


    • Yes, it was really quite a spectacle. Lots of adoring parents, friends, neighbors and curious onlookers. The whole thing kind made the point that there can be a society that works for people! Yes, we must get you up here one weekend soon!

  3. Oh my, spectacular post! Loved the cars and the dresses (just did some alterations on prom dresses for a few Davis high school girls) – you certainly have an appreciative eye for both, Dan. 😉 What an amazing event, a ride in a cherry car, then walking the red carpet, to dot the “i” on completion of the many years of schooling these kids have gone through. The Swedes do up this milestone proud.

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