Days 327 and 328 — Rhododendron lovers, rejoice!

In the 1930s, times were tough for many Swedes (though they did manage to come out of the Great Depression much sooner than most). In 1933 the municipality initiated a public works project to drain a bog near Tylösand and create a rhododendron park, of all things. In America, the WPA was building dams and bridges. Here they were planting rhododendrons. Anyway, today these muthas are HUGE. And in bloom. So, here you go:

The fellow on the left is Kristoffer, Mariette’s younger brother. Like most Swedes, he gets 6 weeks of vacation every year. That’s not counting the 2+ weeks extra he gets from working one hour per week extra at his job. And he only works 50% (i.e., half time). Ah, the dangers of socialism.

Here he is contemplating whether to wade into this pond. Well, he has six weeks to make up his mind.

Just to keep things fair and balanced a la Fox News, here are some tumors or fungus or something growing on a birch tree.

And, to keep the rhododendron haters (if such even exist) happy, here are some other little flowers we saw on our way back home.

I have to say, it is unbelievably pretty here in the springtime.



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