Days 329 and 330 — Prom night, Take 2

We found out that the big to-do last week with all the cars and kids walking down the red carpet was only half the high schools in Halmstad. So, today, the rest of the kids had their big day. I could not resist looking at some more of those old American fossil fuel mixmasters from the 50s so I went out and took some more shots.

A lot of these kids were up until 6:00 this morning and will be up again tonight, so there will be some tired teenagers in Halmstad tomorrow.

What goes in must come out.

Love this 1958 Chevy Impala and the days when you could tell the make and model year by year because they changed every year.

This is the daughter of one of our neighbors. She did an international baccalaureate program entirely in English and smoked her finals. Very bright girl, now kicking back to enjoy her accomplishment.

Beautiful old Buick.

Today being Sunday, I took some photos of a beautiful little church nearby. I posted some photos last summer but in case I am delusional, I took some more today.

This is St. Olof’s Chapel, named after a Norwegian king who was killed in a battle around 1080 when a nation’s leader was actually expected to lead and did so.

It was built in 1721 in a neighboring county and replaced 150 years later. A farmer bought the lumber and built himself a house. In 1931 the antiquarian for Halland (the province that includes Halmstad) heard about the old chapel, tracked down the farmer who showed him the paintings from the ceiling chapel. He obtained these and most of the old church’s artifacts with a lot of detective work and started a fund to reconstruct the church in Halmstad. The project began in 1947 and was completed in 1950.

Ceiling painting.

Another one.

This is where brides were ensconced before their marriages.

Me, in a mirror, dressed more for exercise than church.

A bell tower built on a rocky point next to the chapel.

The wind was blowing pretty good all day.

Finally, a view of the sea from the chapel entrance, and that will do it for today.

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