Day 336 — A day at the races

Today, there was a kayak race going from the river in town out to the island of Tylö, which is out at Tylösand and then back to town, a total of 24 km or 15 miles. Seems like quite a ways to paddle a kayak but I got interested in taking up the sport, mostly for recreational purposes so I went down to see what it was all about.

The staging area was by the library downtown.

That orange skirt the guy on the right is wearing fits around the opening to his kayak and keeps out the water.

These guys opted to get a head start.

One guy’s boat was made out of wood and really gorgeous.

There is a lot more equipment to kayaking than a boat and a paddle, at least for these guys. They are well equipped.

Two women competed. Here’s one.

And the other.

Moving to the staring line.

This group here seemed to be the hard core guys that meet up for the local kayaking club and go out frequently.

The second I got to this location the air horn went off starting the race.

The hard core guys in the middle took off like bats out of hell, while some of the others realized that they would be at this for the next 3 hours and decided to pace themselves.

Not much to see after this. I went and did some errands and got home an hour or so later and just for laughs went down to our local fish market to see if I could see anybody. Sure enough, with my super X-ray vision I could barely make out a tiny speck paddling away.

And there you have the big doings for today. (Well, the local soccer team won its game,   3-1 and drew a crowd of over 5,000 which is huge I guess, since our neighbor proudly told me.)

2 thoughts on “Day 336 — A day at the races

  1. Dan and Mariette,

    Thanks very much for the blog which I do keep up with regularly. Not only are your experiences very enlightening and entertaining, but the awesome photos really communicate and educate the realities and true flavors of the areas of your current home.


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