Days 350 to 353 — Da ‘hood

The weather has been unsteady as all hell recently. I know the calendar says it is summer but yesterday Sweden has record-setting rainfall in many parts of the country. Hey, what gives? It should be nice now and heading towards super nice. I accepted the weather in fall. I accepted the weather in winter. I accepted the weather in spring but now it is summer and I expect nice weather. Dammit! That was my state of mind when I went out this morning to look around the neighborhood and remind myself how great we have it here. I, and hopefully you, will be the beneficiaries.

Fishing tackle shacks. Unused.

Our local fish stand is open for a new season and, boy, did Mariette make a great salmon dinner tonight.

The neighborhood is a mixture of summer houses and permanent really nice houses.

Everybody has a fabulous view of the ocean either from their windows or, like us, a one minute walk.

Swedes love their windows.

There are open tracts throughout the neighborhood where no one is allowed to build, so these spaces will always be here.

This is Mariette’s favorite house in the area, maybe all of Sweden. Gotta love those upstairs windows. They are 100 meters from the sea.

Rich guy lives here. Never seen him. I don’t think he is ever home.

I didn’t fudge the color on these. This place could be Vermont, it is so green.

Neighbor across the street. He played in the World Cup for Sweden in the late 70s.

Next door neighbors. Super nice folks. They lend us a car when we need one. I primed and painted their new garage. He keeps saying he wants to pay me. I keep saying no. The struggle rages on.

Finally, our own little slice of Halmstad, rented though it may be.

Well, that is our turf. No rival gangs come through here shooting up the place but there will be some rowdy summer rentees in a week or two, weather permitting.




One thought on “Days 350 to 353 — Da ‘hood

  1. Very nice. Love your “hood”. Unlike us in California, in our turf we barely know or speak to ones in the neighborhood.

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