Day 354 — Semester in Sweden

Semester to an American refers to a school term, usually half a year long. Here it is the Swedish term for holiday or vacation. That is kind of fitting because the amount of vacation time Swedes get is about the length of a school semester in the U.S.!

About 70 years ago it became law in Sweden that workers have a legal right to a holiday each year. Today this now amounts to about 30 or 32 days of vacation time with pay for all workers, which comes out to more than 6 weeks for most. Six weeks! With full pay! Oh, and Mariette received her pay this month there was an extra amount wired to her account. She inquired about this extra amount when she went to work yesterday and it turns out that on top of their pay, employers add an extra 2 1/2% of the person’s salary as a little something extra to spend on the vacation.

Years ago, nearly everybody took their vacations in July and the country just  about shut down. Other parts of Europe take August off and because many Swedish countries work with their counterparts in other lands, some Swedish companies are taking August off now.

Either way, many folks will take off the month of July or August off and then take another two weeks sometime in winter when it gets too bad for them and jet off to Thailand for some Vitamin D.

Yes, six weeks off, and the clouds have cleared, the wind has died down and we could actually be moving into summer for real around here.

Workers’ Paradise, indeed.




2 thoughts on “Day 354 — Semester in Sweden

  1. Ah Socialism advantages,eh? Seriously “holiday” is a time to replenish the soul. We here haven’t had one in 2 years, but will do so ourselves this year. Glad for you guys.

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