Days 364 and 365 — Almost the end of the road

We have been here almost a year now with tomorrow being Day 366, and we are finishing strong. Today was one of the rare perfect San Diego days: 75 degrees, blue skies and gentle winds. A perfect day for summer, so that is what we did. Summer. Mariette has been enjoying her vacation immensely.

New flowers seem to be coming up all the time.

Six months ago, this scene looked totally different. One thing I never experienced was four completely different environments in a year. Never had seasons living in the Bay Area. It adds a lot to see the changes.

Lunch buffets are a big deal here in Sweden. They are called dagens (dailies) and for 10 bucks you get salad, main course, drink, coffee and dessert. A lot of people take advantage of them, especially workmen who come and really pile up their plates. This place is a conference center about a mile from our place and they have a dagens each weekday.

Nothing fancy but two entres each day and really good.

And, just as you bag your own groceries, you bus your own dishes. There is a saying in Swedish, “Själv är bäste dräng.” (Oneself is the best workman.) There is another one I heard before moving here: “The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.”

After lunch, it was time to hit the beach and a crab’s eye view of the action, or lack thereof.

Around 4:00 people start leaving the beach and there is usually a free concert at the Tylösand hotel’s amphitheater.

Then, this evening was a perfect time for a picnic, so off we went to a spot above an abandoned granite quarry (of which there is no shortage) with a great view of the sea.

We inaugurated the picnic basket and blanket that my students from the English class I taught at the Folk University gave me.

As per usual, Bianca eats first.

We couldn’t have had a better day. These don’t happen every day, so when they do, people take advantage of them. Tomorrow is Day 366, so I am going to summarize our first year in Sweden and hopefully find the insight that I seem to have missed in the first 365 days.


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