Day 366 — Thanks for reading

Okay, here we are one year after the beginning of this blog. I determined to write a new post each day about life here in Sweden and failed miserably. I think this is post 221, so I did roughly 2 posts every three days.

I endeavored to chronicle our first year here and I was successful at that, I think. Anybody reading the blog got the highs of our year: moving, getting our wonderful dog Bianca, our housewarming party, my struggles with Swedish, the changing fall colors, the looooong Christmas season, last year’s ultra mild winter, the spring flowers and, recently, the beautiful Swedish summer. As I reviewed the blog, there weren’t really any lows. The closest thing was some of the songs in the Melodiefestival. Swedish pop music is pretty awful, I have to say. Well, actually, losing ESPN America was a bummer and I need to find something before football season starts.

As to understanding more about the Swedish character which stereotypically is rather cold and withdrawn, I have not found that to be the case. I have run into countless Swedes and have found them chatty and friendly. Maybe having Bianca the Icebreaker along on my walks helps. I don’t find Swedes cold and standoffish. But I can say the same for the Iraqis, Nepalese, Filipinos, Serbs, Turks, Iranians, Kosovoans, Germans, Chileans, Palestinians, Bosnians, English, and other nationalities that I have met at school.

As for understanding the Swedish model for creating a society, I think I understand that better than I did, though my lack of language skills is preventing me from grasping it at the level I would like. I guess that will come with time.

Keeping this blog has helped my transition from the U.S. to here because I forced myself (a little, anyway) to look for interesting fodder for the blog.

I have had some requests to keep this thing going and certainly there is some unfinished business such as finishing my Swedish course and obtaining a Swedish driving license, neither of which will be a walk in the park.

So, here is what I think I am going to do. I am going to keep it going for another year but won’t be posting “every day” like I have been. I think I will just post when something eventful happens or I discover some new aspect of life here that I think people will be interested in. I think I will try and organize it a little better and make it not so dull looking. But we will see about all that. If you click on the little “Follow” thing at the bottom right hand corner, you will be sent notifications when new posts go up, if you are interested still.

In the meantime, here are a few shots of the super nice swimming pool at the local swim stadium. It was another gorgeous summer day and I went for a swim after class.

Swedes know that summer days like this are not a guarantee, so when they get one, they really enjoy it.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more. It has been a wonderful year for us in a wonderful part of the world and I hope you have enjoyed sharing it with us. So long for  now.

Dan, Mariette and Bianca





15 thoughts on “Day 366 — Thanks for reading

  1. Thank you Dan, Mariette and Bianca for all these wonderful postings about Sweden,
    its culture, weather, social fabric, politics and most of all the beautiful pictures you
    have given us over these 12 last months. They have given me a little window to look
    into on an almost daily basis which certainly has brighten up my days here in US.
    And of course Dan, your insightful assessments of attitudes and activities of the
    Swedes, and Mariette, your fantastic pictures of the Swedish flowers have been
    absolutely delightful and Bianca, you are so full of life! I have shared some of posts
    with Swedes and Americans here in US and they have enjoyed all of it.
    Thanks again and I would like to see your forthcoming posts!

    • Lars, Wonderful. Glad it brightened your day. There will definitely be some more in the future. Like the slippery test for my driving license here!

  2. Fair compromise on the blog. Thanks for what you’ve done so far. I found it quite interesting, and the photo’s were always a bonus.

      • Yep. Look out for some next week sometime. You can see some the Riviera Maya that we took last year on my or Betsy’s FB Page, meanwhile. Best snorkeling in the world.

  3. Dan, thanks so much for your efforts on this blog over the past year. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I look forward to more postings from you in the future, albeit you promise them to be sparse. You/Mariette/Bianca’s adventures are delightful and the pictures a treat.

    • Thanks, McGins. Glad you enjoyed them. There will be more, so just set up the “Follow” option and you will be set. I could have done a post about losing my keys while out jogging yesterday, but I need to get past ridiculous posts like that! Best to you and Colwell.

  4. Dan, Thank you, so much for this record of your exile and repatriation into the society of “The Workers Paradise”. I look forward to your continued entries and have only one request – please take photography lessons from Mariette or get a real camera, and get some “B” roll shots. I have followed almost daily and am relieved that you’ll continue. I’d like to see you set a goal that you’ll continue this blog until you get a pass on your Swedish fluency from Mariette.
    By then Bianca will have grown to the size of a Great Dane (the dog not the invader).

    Again, seriously, thanks for the hours of enjoyment sharing your journey… which has only just started.

    • Peter, Glad you have enjoyed it. Some of this must have been familiar to you, especially the rainy Midsommar! Yeah, we will keep going on it but not “daily” as I religiously did for the past year. We’ll talk soon. That Barclay’s scandal is just the tip of the iceberg, I think.

      • Maybe the Banksters will get their day in court, but probably not as the Supreme Courts of the lands will change the rules with new rulings, or some such.

      • Agreed. But it will have to be the court of public opinion with people withdrawing their money and putting it into credit unions or some such.

  5. Wow! one year, in a way it feels like you two have been living in Sweden for much longer. Maybe because you shared so much experience with us. I´m looking forward to read more and I find it very exciting to read while a movie to Sweden is something to come in our family as well sooner or later.

    Enjoy the Swedish summer, I will now become a “follower of your site. All the best from both of us.

    • Helena and Craig, We’re glad you enjoyed the blog and hope it keeps a little Sweden in your life while you are away. We have been enjoying a visit from Sam and Emily and their parents this last week. We went back to Nimis a couple days ago and had a great time. Sam and I climbed the big tower that you, John and I climbed a few years ago. I will post pictures of that soon. Hope you are enjoying the Canadian summer (I guess they are pretty similar–short and sweet) and we look forward to seeing you again. Maybe we can Skype sometime! Dan and Mariette

      • Neat that you got to show your American family Nimis, I can imagine that Sam was excited to climb the tower(s).

        We are enjoying the summer here, it´s been surprisingly warm the last few weeks so we done a few dips in the ocean and some lakes. Holiday is coming up next week, two weeks of travelling, much excited about that.

        Yes, skype would be fun, I will suggest some days when we are back from our holiday.

        – Helena

      • Helena, Okay, great. Have a great holiday. I wrote to a friend about places to visit in Montana, but you can’t go wrong with Yellowstone National Park. Dan

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