Summer Happenings

We had a very, very mild winter, the mildest in over half a century. But there is no free lunch in life and our mild winter is being balanced by a cool summer. One of the reasons I wanted to move to Sweden was that the summers were unbelievably here. 75 degrees F., sunny skies, little rain, absolutely beautiful weather that went on day after day after day. Sure, it rained occasionally, but that just kept the lawns green and it often rained at night. This summer we have had a lot of rain so far, lots of clouds and lots of wind. Temperatures have been in the 60s usually or lower 70s. I suppose I should be complaining but when I check the weather across the U.S., I shut up real quick. Compared to most of the U.S., Halmstad is still paradise.

Despite the clouds and rain, there are still blocks of time during the day to get some sun, or get out and do stuff. And Swedes do stuff all year round. This past Saturday there was a car show at the local swim stadium. Compared to car shows in the U.S., it was not much: a lot of Porsches and Mustangs and Corvettes. There were a few notables, however and though I did not pay the $10 to go inside and look at Mustangs, I did catch a couple of beauties that were parked outside.


This was a Morgan, what  year I do not know. Really gorgeous car.






Very clean Pontiac Bonneville, complete with dice.


But this was the coolest car I saw there, a 1951 Saab.




The photos don’t really convey how unbelievable funky this car is. The front end appears wider than the back end, which appears to be coming to a point. Check out that tiny rear window. I love that car.

Anyhow, that was Saturday. Next post will feature the world’s largest orienteering competition, being held this year in Halmstad. 30,000 strong, running with maps through the forest. That’s orienteering.


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