Beach Weather

Summer finally seems to be here. Temperatures in the 70s, water temperature in the upper 60s (believe it or not, people living in Northern California), bright sunshine and the beaches were packed today. This is the Swedish summer weather I fell in love with beginning in 2004 when I first visited here. Here are some shots today from Sweden’s Riviera, the beach at Tylösand.






Another great benefit of living here was a documentary we saw tonight about Paul Simon and his travels to South Africa in 1986 to make his Graceland album. I was unaware of the controversy that surrounded his going in violation of the worldwide boycott of South Africa because of apartheid. Wonderful documentary made doubly so by being able to watch it without commercials every 10 or 15 minutes. You don’t have to pay extra to avoid advertising interrupting your attention on the government run stations here, which is a blessing you don’t realize until you experience it.

All in all, life continues to be great here in the summer.

5 thoughts on “Beach Weather

  1. Thanks Dan, it seems like there are a lot of very pale skins. But I guess the sun isn’t as hot as the Caribbean and so not a lot of sun burns?

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