Our Neighbors to the South

No, not Germany or Italy, though the weather was very Italy-like again today. Too warm, even, for Mariette’s taste. Swedes begin tipping over if it gets to 28 C., which is 82 F. That generates headlines about heat waves. Of course, when it is in the low 20s in January, nobody bats an eye.

We took a trip to the next town south of Halmstad just to check it out as we had only been there once before. Laholm lies about 15 miles south of Halmstad and is a small, pretty town of about 6,000. Like any coastal city worth its salt in Sweden, Laholm was built on a river. In the town church there is a record of all the priests who headed the congregation and the first name listed was in 1399, so the place is old compared to North American standards. Here are some shots of the place.

At the fountain in the central square.

Looks like Pippi Longstocking.

Overlooking the River Lagan.

Lots of people fishing even in the middle of the day when fish aren’t biting. On a day like today, though, who cares?

Across the river between the poles were these large white globes of varying sizes. Some were several feet in diameter. Driving range of the Norse gods, maybe, or someone’s sculpture installation.

That boat in the middle is a steamboat that makes trips down to the beach at the mouth of the river about 3 miles further downstream.





Can’t visit a town without seeing its church. The cemetery here was pretty crummy actually but the inside did not disappoint.



Love that blue ceiling. Very, very pretty church.



Nice illustrations on the ceiling. Clearly these do not date from 1400.


And that’s Laholm. The contrast when we got back to Halmstad was striking. Things are happening in Halmstad. Not so much in Laholm. But if casting your lure in the river is your thing, Laholm is your town.



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