New Member of the Family

The only thing that could be better than having one super duper Danish-Swedish Farm Dog would be to have two. So, that is what we did. The mother of the breeder where we got Bianca last year also breeds Dansk-Svensk Gårdshundar. In June she had two litters and there was one little female that the breeder was going to keep for herself but when we came for a visit in July, the little girl took to both Mariette and me instantly. After we sent the breeder pictures of where we live and, seeing how healthy and happy Bianca is, she decided to let us have her.

Not only let us have her, but basically have her for free. Breeders sometimes make arrangements with new owners to give them a female at a discounted rate in exchange for a litter of puppies from that dog sometime down the line. Well, we worked out an agreement to give the breeder two litters and in exchange we get the puppy. Mariette has a knack for working this kind of thing out in every area of our lives. She is flat out brilliant at it.

Anyway, now that I passed my exam and am done with school I can work from home and watch the new addition to the household pee all over the place, which has happened about 20 times since we brought her home yesterday. Bianca was more than 2 when we got her and long since housebroken. Prada (the breeder named the litter after fashion lines: Prada, Hugo Boss, Diesel, etc.) is 9 weeks and cute as hell and also unhousebroken as hell. We took up all our rugs to save them and this was a smart move. Puppies must have bladders the size of a grape and this one drinks a lot so we were finding little puddles all over the place.

Like her new big sister, Prada has more papers than either of us and the breeder wants to enter her in some shows for puppies and as a one year old, so we will be doing that in addition to returning her twice for breeding and litters. Ordinarily, a dog like this would cost around $1800. Males a a bit less.

Anyway, without further ado, meet Prada. (If the name doesn’t grow on me I am calling her Pravda, Russian for “truth.”)









Minus the peeing, we are really happy to have her.

Bianca not so much at the moment.



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