Bullwinkle sighting and various and sundry

Walking with Bianca this evening we happened upon a moose about 200 meters from our house. A neighbor says that they come into the area when the apple trees are laden with fruit and this one has been around for at least a couple days because I spotted it earlier this week. I didn’t have my phone with me then, but did tonight, so here you go:


Apparently, they are not aggressive unless they get intoxicated on the apples and then things can get dicey.  Two neighbors have been charged by drunken moose at one time or another.

From the forest to the beach, last week the beach volleyball tour stopped in Halmstad and the central square was converted into a stadium virtually overnight.

Gratuitous butt shot.

Whatever puts fans in the stands, I guess.

Finally, a photo with a volleyball in it.

Meanwhile, last Saturday there was the annual race along Prins Bertils Stig, the path that runs from town along the coast all the way to Tylösand and then turns back inland to a nature preserve. The 13 km marker was near where Bianca and I walk.

Finally, this is Prada with one of the daughters of the breeder we got her from last Sunday. This girl went through a three year program on raising dogs and she knows dogs from A to Z, actually A to Ö, this being Sweden. Her own dog does agility training and has won all kinds of competitions. The girl is going to show us how to train Prada because the breeder wants to put her in shows as a puppy and a one year old.

For the time  being, though, it is time to chill with Husse (the Swedish word for the male owner of a dog. The female owner is called Matte.).

Nap time.



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