Upcoming exhibition

Next month I am taking part in a little exhibition at the studio of a noted Swedish sculptor named Walter Bengston. An area about a mile from our house was a place where artists hung out and did landscapes of the rocky coastline, sky and the sea. His daughters run a cafe and exhibition halls where their father’s work is on display. Two acquaintances and I are renting one of the halls in September to show some of our work. It should be fun, my first exhibition in Sweden. Here is a poster we had done up announcing the show.


5 thoughts on “Upcoming exhibition

  1. Great on your exhibition. I’ve caught up on all my backlogged entries and so belated “congratulations” on finishing SFI. The photos of Prada are so cute. It’s really simple to minimize the peeing in the house – spend a lot of time outside with her. no joke!

    Fall has/is making itself felt here also… the leaves are turning in the mountains and the air has changed it’s quality. Now, it’s chilled (high 40’s to high 50’s at night and 60’s to high 70’s Day) plus the air feels softer and there are more breezes. The deals are arriving in the mail for ski season passes, and soon we’ll be making the switch from summer short-sleeves and shorts to warmer wear. Of course, I’m not complaining as the Saab made summer sooooo nice, but we are actually looking forward to hitting the ski slopes and backcountry glades.

    I’ve been giging a lot and Carrie has been playing an average of 4 nights a week in her numerous bands. I’ve been spending the past 3 months studying currency trading. What a subject. I’ve gotten to the point where using “Demo” accounts I’ve been having winning investments over 90% of the time. Next on the program, is to use real money, and see if I can keep the emotions out of it so it’s purely an objective activity, keeping the same winning average.

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