Kulturnatt (Culture Night)

Yesterday was Mariette’s father’s 81st birthday and we had a wonderful time. In Sweden if the event is honoring you, it is you who brings the cake. Well, Mariette’s dad probably never cooked anything but coffee in his life but her mom is a fabulous cook so we stuffed ourselves with pork chops, potatoes and grönsaker (literally, green things, i.e., vegetables). After a break from eating with a walk and a nap we had a spectacular cake and sang the traditional birthday song which is basically a wish that the birthday boy or girl will live to be 100.

Here we are watching Prada get familiar with Mariette’s old turtle.
On a wider note, yesterday was Culture Night in Halmstad. Events were all over town and started around noon. I was otherwise occupied and showed up in the evening. There were thousands of people out and about despite the wind and somewhat cool temperatures (well, not really for Sweden in September).
First stop was the big square where a really good band was wrapping up their set.

Next stop, the library, which has an art hall and I wanted to see the work of a young Halmstad artist. Pretty nice stuff, I think.

All girl band doing Dusty Springfield songs from the 60s. Hope they have day jobs.
Most galleries were open and there were people every place I went.
The police presence was . . . zero. I didn’t see a single cop or cop car. How can a people be so self policing?

The Nissan River looking towards the library. I haven’t done the research but I wonder if this was the Datsun River 35 years ago.

Next stop, the regional art museum. Inside there was a girl singing jazz.

Photo exhibition showing America. I wonder what Swedes think of these Christmas decorations?

Film about Strindberg, who died 100 years ago. They aren’t celebrating the year of his birth, but the year of his death. How Swedish! (The national anthem has a line about wanting to live and wanting to die in the North.)

Another park, another stage, another band.

It’s not all young performers either. Along one of the walking streets was this group of old guys.

Back to the big square. These guys were really good and did great jobs of covering Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone and Springsteen’s Born to Run.

Headed over to the theater where there was another art show as well as theater performances.

Outside in front of the theater there was what looked to be a cafe with some surreal stuff happening.

Like this giant lamp.

Or these projections in a wall of picture frames or against the side of a building.

Next, back to the library to fetch my bike and the cafe was still busy.

Another crowd listening to an orchestra playing Hello Dolly and show tunes.

A short distance away, on top of the city’s old ramparts was more my speed: a blues trio.
Finally, today Prada is 13 weeks old and Mariette somehow managed to catch her in between peeing and biting things. A remarkable end to a remarkable day.


2 thoughts on “Kulturnatt (Culture Night)

  1. Great post Dan. Being married to an Alaskan Native American who still has family in Alaska, since you are posting about Sweden I get the feeling there is a sense up there with summer closing fast- there is some commotion going on up there. Appreciate you OBS of the scene. Very interesting.

    • Yeah, could be. But it is not as extreme here way in the southern part of the country. We only go down to about 7 hours of daylight in December. Way up north it is zero, zilch, nada.

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