Looking for apples

This evening around dusk Bianca started barking, which we have learned means that someone is around the house. We did not notice any car or anyone in the yard and Mariette began telling her to quiet down. I have learned, however, that Bianca never barks without reason. Next thing we know our neighbor calls saying there is a moose in his yard eating apples off his tree.
Out we go and, sure enough, there is a horse sized moose, a female, chowing down on his apple tree.
Mariette went out with her camera, which did not perform well in the dim light, but she did manage to get a few shots.

That is our house in the background. The neighbor managed to chase her off (the moose, not Mariette) and she wandered down to our other neighbors’ yard to munch on their apple tree. We followed her down there and Mariette got a few better shots.

This is probably the same moose I saw a couple weeks ago on the golf course. Our neighbor saw her when she was out on the course this evening. She doesn’t look very large in this photo but is easily as tall as a horse.

A full grown male with antlers and all, drunk on fermented apples, would definitely a sight and something to give wide berth to, that’s for certain. I think hunting season opens next month so this one better get her fill and get the hell out of Dodge.

5 thoughts on “Looking for apples

  1. Yes, I can just imagine the moose up on it’s hind legs, forelegs on the tree trunk, reaching as high as it can to nip off those last low hanging fruits.

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