Hanging day

No, not that kind of hanging. That took place on highest point in Halmstad, called Galberget, which means gallows. Today, we were hanging paintings for our exhibition which begins tomorrow.
The gallery is located not far from where we live. A sculptor named Walter Bengtsson had his studio there and after he passed away his family maintained it and opened a cafe and exhibition hall to keep his legacy alive. They rent a separate hall for local artists to exhibit. Bengtsson had a fantastic imagination as you can see from one example of his work here.

Here is the studio/cafe/exhibition hall today.

The studio is located in a beautiful area on the coast that was a noted hangout for a group of artists known as the Halmstad Group in decades past. This shot gives you a reason why.

Here is the hall we are using.

Loading in the paintings. The woman is one of Bengtsson’s daughters.

Things set up, pretty much.

Some people who knew one of the other artists came by with some of their friends this afternoon for a sneak preview, as did two of my neighbors. If nothing else, it is going to be a fun weekend. If we sell anything that will be a bonus. Which I already collected on as our neighbors bought a painting this afternoon before the show even opens. Not everyone is impressed, however.

Can’t please everyone.


3 thoughts on “Hanging day

  1. Dogs unimpressed probably as nothing hung at their height for viewing. Good on selling a painting already! I love the gallery space.

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