Day One

Today was the first day of our exhibition and the weather could not have been worse. It rained nearly the entire day and was windy particularly out by the ocean where we were exhibiting. That held down the attendance but still, it was a really good time. We couldn’t afford to leave Prada at home for 4 hours as the place would have been destroyed and floating in pee when we came home so we took her. Also, a couple of Mariette’s coworkers said they were coming, mainly to see Prada, not paintings. Oh well.

Here are the two other artists we were showing with. They are both musicians and songwriters and they just finished a song that will be playing on Sirius satellite radio on Nordic Rox (if it isn’t already). One of the people who lives in our neighborhood is Per Gessle who is half of the duo Roxette and Nordic Rox is his station. Anyway, here we are.

That is Claes on the left and Pelle on the right. They have been making music together for some time and Mariette and I met Claes by happenstance one day last year when we took Bianca to the dog beach. Claes (everyone calls him Clabbe) was there with his dog and we chatted a bit. It turns out that he is a very close friend of Mariette’s best friend in the world, Ackie, who stayed with us last summer with her son. Small world. Besides being musicians they both are painters and we decided to have the exhibition together.

Today is what is called the vernissage, or private showing before the opening of an exhibition. For us it was actually Day 1. Whatever. There was food and drink and snacks and despite the rain people came.

First to arrive (on her bicycle in the rain) was a dear friend of Mariette’s parents and a fine artist and her own right, Hedvig Malmström. She is quite a lady, will be 85 next month and you will be hearing more about Hedvig in the future. This is one remarkable lady. She came out for fika last Sunday and she and I went swimming in the sea. She loved it. (So did I.)

Here she is jawing with Pelle. Later, Pelle and Clabbe went outside for a smoke and Hedvig came out a bummed a cigarette from them and even though she doesn’t smoke she said she felt like a cigarette.

This very fine lady bought a painting, a collaboration between myself and a 4 year old friend from the U.S. when she visited here with her family this summer. She will be receiving a nice check next week for her half of the sale price.

The next door neighbors to Mariette’s parents. They bought a painting from me last summer. Their house is unbelievably tasteful on the inside with paintings everywhere. The painting I sold today is the second one below the self-portrait.

Someone had to keep an eye (and an arm) on Prada.

One of Mariette’s coworkers at their preschool and her husband.

Considering the weather, I would have to say it was a success. People had a good time which was the main idea. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to stink again but Mariette’s relatives are coming down from Falkenberg and they are always fun to see.

So far so good. Welcome to Fall.

Oops, almost forgot the most exciting  moment of the day.  Pelle’s girlfriend was driving us back to our place and a giant moose ran across the road right in front of us. Maria’s reaction time was good and she missed the damn thing by a few feet. This thing would have done some damage to her car for sure. It was big!



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