Day Two and more fun

Well, yesterday it rained dogs and cats. It hardly rained today. Instead, there was a huge fire down at the harbor. A tank containing toxic gases caught ablaze and firefighters could not get safely close enough to fight it. It was all over the national news. What’s that got to do with our exhibition? Not much except around noon there were alarms going off all over the city warning people to stay indoors, shut their windows and turn off any ventilating systems. Despite the dire warnings (we could see clouds of black smoke from the fire over the horizon) we had another fun day. Pelle’s family showed up with friends and Mariette’s aunts, uncles and cousins came from Falkenberg to the north.




Mariette’s parents wimped out yesterday (which Mariette rubbed in after Hedvig who is 84 biked out from further away and Mariette’s parents are only 81 and 82) but made it out today and had a great time.




This is Mariette’s cousin Elin.




Around 3:00 we went into fika mode in the cafe and Olle did an impromptu set on the piano.


Elin and her sister Britta and Britta’s sambo Paul. Very, very super nice people.


Fikaing away. The cafe is full of Walter Bengtsson’s work, more of which I will show tomorrow.



This Mariette’s uncle Evje. He can eat more than anyone I have known in my life and doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him. He could give Kobayashi a run for his money in a hot dog eating contest. He swims in the ocean half the year and works in the forest, mostly for the hell of it, I think, because he is old enough to be retired. His handshake can crush granite.


More viewing. This painting in particular is getting a lot of attention.


Two more paintings sold. All in all another fun day, mainly people visiting and catching up on the latest and enjoying the paintings.

In a completely disrelated bit of news, some time back a law was passed in Sweden saying that nightclubs needed a permit in order to allow dancing in the club. This is probably the most ridiculous law enacted since the income tax and staid Stockholmers made their displeasure felt today with a Dance Protest through the streets of Stockholm. Instead of marching they danced the whole way, carrying signs on the order of “Dance or Die.”

More to come tomorrow.


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