Day 3 and something extra

Friday was rain and Saturday was the end of the world with the fire at the harbor. The fire was still going today and they can’t get close enough to fight it so they have basically decided to let it burn itself out. The weather was much better for the final day of the exhibition and there were many people jogging along the path and enjoying the day. Not many were interested in art today but that was perfectly fine with us.

Some neighbors came by for a look.

And a classmate from my Swedish class came by with her husband. She writes an excellent blog about her transition to Swedish life called Something Swedish that you might check out for a different perspective on life here in Halmstad.

A family that Mariette worked for came by with their kids and Mariette, unable to resist photographing kids, took some nice shots. Their interest in the paintings was more tactile than visual so Mariette took them and these outside.

We wrapped up and then got a tour of Walter Bengtsson’s workshop and the gallery where many of his works are on display. This was the high point of the day for me. His stuff is fantastic, clever, humorous, beautiful but above all, unique. I’ve never seen stuff like his anywhere.


Here is a screen shot I found of him. He was quite a character from everything I have heard and would have to be to create the art he did.

My first introduction was several years ago in the entrance to the TV tower in Stockholm.


The entire room is done up like this and it blew my mind. I later found out that there were works of his throughout Halmstad and that Mariette’s father knew him. Imagine that we now live less than a mile from where he created these gems.

One of his daughters gave us a tour after our exhibition closed and I got to take shots of some of the pieces, which speak for themselves.


When I say speak for themselves, I mean that literally. This piece, if you hit it just right plays a wail like a saxophone, Other pieces made similar sounds.















This is called, as you can imagine, Running Eye.



All in all it was a great weekend. We each sold one or more paintings and were invited back in the spring to do another show in the larger exhibition hall were many of Bengtsson’s works are currently. So, it is back to the easel. Gladly. I could get to enjoy this.


5 thoughts on “Day 3 and something extra

  1. We had a fantastic time today, I’m very glad we were able to make it! It was great to meet Marriete and to see your artwork in person, all very impressive. Glad it was a success, hope to you you soon. 🙂

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