Fall pictures

Mariette’s mother was saying that she could not remember a summer and fall with this crummy of weather since about 1960 when it rained every single day that summer. So, the weather here has been rather lousy, certainly not as nice as last fall when we had some absolutely gorgeous days. Still, that did not stop us from finding the beauty in what the day offered. Mariette took some beautiful fall pictures.


Because it has been windy recently, a lot of the leaves are already coming down. It feels like it will be an early winter. But, what do I know, having lived here all of a year!




My contribution was providing some comic relief by going for a dip in the sea. A woman told me the water temperature was 14 C., which is about 57 F. which I did not find too unpleasant. The waves were  another story.







What, me worry?






Okay, Uncle!

Speaking of uncles, Mariette’s uncle Enar is a purist and goes in the water the same way he came into the world, buck naked. Through the ice. In January. If he sees this post, he will pooh-pooh it because I am wearing trunks. If I ever reach his level, you may read about it here but you sure won’t see it.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, the others were chilling.


These two are quickly becoming the best of friends. One dog was great. Two is exponentially better.


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