Deep into Fall

Mariette went out around the neighborhood the other day and took some nice photos to document the change of the season. The leaves have turned and are coming down. One more good storm should just about do it.

But, hey, the Giants did the impossible (again), so everything is good here in Sweden. They should spot the Tigers a three game lead in the World Series and then the fun starts.

Anyway, here are some nice photos:












And with that, we look forward to the World Series!


4 thoughts on “Deep into Fall

  1. Well it’s great to hear from you’ll again. Beautiful pics.
    Dan, are those two new works? If so, good for you. I’m kinda a purple person, so I of course I’m liking that one. Am curious as to the Alfred one, did you paint all those letters or is it like a mixed media piece?

    • Hi, Shannon, Great. Yeah, haven’t had too much to blog about this fall that was different from last fall, so I haven’t posted too much. Yes, on the Einstein one I painted in all the numbers and symbols. I might try and have it made available as giclee prints for math teachers! Hi to everybody in GA. Glad you like the purple one. I plan to do more like that. Dan

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