First Day of Advent 2012

Advent comes to Sweden four Sundays before Christmas and that day was today. Last year it was a completely different scene because the weather was ungodly stormy. I posted about that on Days 138 and its aftermath on Day 139. You can search those days if you like. Last year the temperatures were still above zero. Today, we had our first flakes of snow and it was in the high teens, low 20s. Definitely cool. Surprisingly, if the wind is not blowing, it is not uncomfortable and that has been the case for the most part. Here’s our first snow, at least a month earlier than last year.


It’s a start. I am hoping for a little more snow than we got last year and it looks like I will get my wish. Two years ago they got snow starting in November and by March/April people were pretty much done with snow around here.

It was a beautiful sunny morning for a walk with the mutts so Mariette grabbed her camera and off we went.





Prada is growing by the day it seems but Bianca is undeniably the boss.


A couple of shots of the coast on our walk.



Been doing some painting recently. This one is called “After the Egg.”







This one is Fall on the Nissan (the river that runs through Halmstad).



This one kind of reminds me of cave paintings.








A complete mess, but my kind of painting.


In the afternoon we went to town to see what the action was on the first day of Advent. Last year because of the storm there was nothing in the central square but the Christmas tree which then blew over in the wind. Today, the place was hopping, pretty much.


Mostly everything is homemade or homebaked. Did not see anything imported from China. We bought some organic homemade mustard and jam for our wonderful neighbors.

The sun set just after 4:00 p.m. and the town filled up even more, in anticipation of the crowning of this year’s Lucia and a concert in the big church on the square. But first, a late lunch and fika at a very nice cafe down by the river. This is not all Mariette’s food, she insisted I say.


Then it was back to the square. The number of people seemed to have doubled by then.


Back home we are getting into the spirit of the season bit by bit with stars in the window and warming candles throughout the house. These little things actually raise the house temperature by a few degrees F. Amazing.


Next week: our homegrown Julbord (Christmas table) with Mariette’s parents. Bring your appetites.


8 thoughts on “First Day of Advent 2012

  1. So good to see this post, Dan! The paintings are fabulous. Loved all paintings you added to post. Pravda seems to be almost same size as Bianca now. My best to you and yours!

    • Hey, Linda, Good to hear from you. Thanks for the kind word on the new paintings. I am having fun working on them. And, yes, Prada, is getting there. She weighs close to 10 lbs now, about 5 less than Bianca, but she is catching up. Dan

      • Dan, not just kind words but the truth! I am a huge fan of your paintings and would like to own another original sometime soon. You think Bianca will remain top dog?

      • Linda, Wonderful. Most of these new ones are small and therefore cheaper, about $150 only. And, yes, Bianca will always be top dog. She even dominates a huge, older male black Lab in the neighborhood. Dan

  2. Hi, nice to see the beautiful pictures of the ocean and the dogs in crisp winter weather. We got lots and lots of rain here this weekend. Managed to get out for a run earlier but apart from that I mostly feel like staying inside and finishing reading my book.

    It must have been about a year now since I came to visit you. I remember the stormy weather and I believe it was getting closer to Christmas.

    We will have my cousin Mathilda (Fridas sister) visiting us over Christmas and New Years, that will be great. We are taking some time off from work and will be doing a lot of skiing and good cooking.

    Enjoy the beautiful winter landscape.


    • Hi, Helena, Great to hear from you. Yes, it was almost exactly one hear. I think you came right after we had our big storm and you got to see how Prins Bertils Stig had been trashed. Big storms all along the west coast it seems, even near San Francisco. Sweden has better weather than California? Today, at least. Hope you have a great holidays. Say hi to Craig for us! Kram, Dan

    • Hej, Meg. Thanks. Luckily the snow held off until today. Yeah, it was great in town yesterday. Glad you like the Nissan painting! All is good here. Hope all is well with you. Did you finish SFI? Dan

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