Big difference last year to this

Last year on the first of Advent the weather could not have been more different than this year. To refresh any memories, or for those recently following the blog, last year we had a tremendous windstorm with winds over 30 meters a second, which is blowing pretty hard. Trees came down all over the place, boats were smashed and the waves washed stuff all over the path along the coast. It was a mess. Yet, the next day was sunny and mild, which sort of presaged what the winter was going to be like.





This year the weather could not be more different. No wind to speak of but it started snowing early this morning and has kept up all day and is still coming down at 9:00 p.m. as I write this. We have had more snow today than we did all last winter in total. Should be an interesting next few months.



These shots are from this morning when things were just getting going.



This is more like what I thought I was getting myself into when we moved here.



This photo was taken yesterday but the only change from then until today was that the snow seemed to make them happier. They were hopping around in it like two maniacs. Let’s see how things are after Christmas.


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