White Christmas coming up

I’ve never had a white Christmas and Mariette insists that the snow that fell yesterday, about 5-6 inches total, will be gone by the 25th. I contend that unless it warms up, it’s not going anyplace. And we are expecting more. So, it is looking good. Today was mostly sunny and a sunny day after a snowfall is a beautiful experience. (I can hear people who grew up in Minnesota or Vermont or Kiruna laughing right now at my naiveté.)

Regardless, it was great.




The golf course fairways make cross country skiing tracks and winter romping grounds for the dogs. The snow seems to make them even more excited.





New painting of a reclining figure. Sorry it’s not a better photo.



The sunset this afternoon was a really nice one. These lousy photos only give an approximation. I need a better cell phone camera!IMAG4365IMAG4367IMAG4368



My summer tan sure looks like history in this shot, but it may be all the reflected light from the snow, I hope.



The bicycle paths had not been plowed this morning at 6:00 am when Mariette went to work, so she had to walk, pushing her bike 4 kilometers to work. She at least got to bike home this afternoon. Our first day of life in the snow.


7 thoughts on “White Christmas coming up

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    • We are looking at a hefty 7 hours and 5 minutes for today on our way to about 6:45 on December 21st, the day the Mayans predict the world will end. That will be balanced by about 17 hrs 45 minutes of sunlight next June.

      • Nice man the Mayan Calendar is a good ref-seriously- I believe, More important I am glad Dan you are getting you are getting active in your blog once again. Which is precisely why i once again got my radar up again.

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