The Weather

I have figured out that there are three factors that make up the weather around here. These are 1) the temperature, 2) the precipitation and 3) the wind. We have had a few days when we hit the trifecta: cold, rainy and windy, and those days are truly miserable weatherwise. If it is only two out of three, things are bearable and if it is just one, it is a great day. Take today. It was nice and cold, in the 20s but no wind and only a little snow. It was a fantastic day weatherwise. Here is proof:

IMAG4378 IMAG4380 IMAG4381 IMAG4383 IMAG4384 IMAG4386 IMAG4389 IMAG4390 IMAG4392 IMAG4393


Last night in town was also great with all the lights and again, crisp and cold. AND NO DAMN WIND. Since it got cold and it snowed we have had no wind. The winds come in Spring and Fall around here but they die down in Winter, which is wonderful. This first one is a painting I did a couple years ago of a winter scene, which is appropriate for the season.

IMAG1731 IMAG4373

The beautiful library that juts out over the river.

IMAG4375 IMAG4376


And that’s all I have to say about that.


3 thoughts on “The Weather

  1. Dan, the key to surviving well and happily in that sort of weather was a realization I had back in mid 70’s in MN: winter weather is a game and to play the game you have to dress for it= think furs. BTW, the painting you did is gorgeous! Thanks for the pix, I’m glad you’re living it and I’m not. Enjoy! 🙂

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