Pink snow?

The “golden hour” comes early here these days and gives things a golden glow or, in the case a couple days ago on an afternoon walk, an incredible pink hue to the snow. These shots were taken at 3:00 pm.

IMAG4426 IMAG4428 IMAG4429 IMAG4430It was crisp, sunny and cold, but really pleasant. Today was the other side of the coin: it warmed up about 15 degrees C. and began raining, which is turning everything to ugly gray slush. My white Christmas started disappearing rapidly but it is going to cool down again and hopefully we will get more snow.


3 thoughts on “Pink snow?

  1. Dan, Checking back on your website. Thanks. We have a comm lag in our mindset, but the day after Christmas- I got the urge to check it again. Glad I did. Cheers.

    • Mike, Thanks. Not much worth posting about lately. The snow melted and the weather has turned to crap again: wind and rain. Hoping for more snow and some good bowl games.

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