The Fun advantage of Sweden

Anyone reading this blog knows I have touted many of the advantages of being in the Swedish system as compared to other countries: free healthcare, education, blah, blah, blah. Pretty boring stuff except when you need a triple bypass.

There is one big advantage of living in Sweden, though, that comes once a year that is literally a blast. I am talking fireworks, honest-to-goodness-shoot-way-up-in-the-sky-and-KABOOM!-fireworks. Once a year, at New Years, Swedes load up on alcohol and fireworks and around midnight let it rip. These are not the Red Devil sparklers or pinwheels we had as kids. This is the real stuff.

As proof, here is just one of four (count ’em 4) circulars we got in the mail today selling fireworks.

IMAG4444 IMAG4445 IMAG4446 IMAG4447


What I am feeling must be the excitement many Americans feel about their assault rifles. I am torn between Golden Explosion and Crackling Mine but will probably settle this year for  Mega and something else.

Each year something goes wrong for some knucklehead and the sound of an ambulance blends in with the explosions. For the most part, though, booze and fireworks make a wonderful way to ring in the new year.

This kid is going to the candy store tomorrow.


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