Gott Nytt År 2013!

Was a spring like day for January 1st here in Halmstad, relatively speaking. But I am getting ahead of myself a little. New Year’s Eve was a great deal of food, fun and fireworks despite miserable weather: cold, windy and kind of rainy most of the day. That did not stop all hell from breaking loose about 10 minutes before midnight, just as we were finishing listening to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy at high volume.

We were at Mariette’s parents  for the evening and people there really enjoying getting their skyrockets on one night each year. All around us the neighborhood erupted with blasts and booms for the next 20 minutes. I had lit ours earlier throughout the evening, some before and the rest after we watched a movie. But to give you an example of what some people buy for their new year’s kick off, I found this today at one of the nearby recycling centers:


This is a package you can buy for about 250 bucks. The big tubes are about 2 inches in diameter and there are over 100 shots here. You light one fuse then stand back and watch the show, which lasts for about 2 minutes. We saw several of these rapid fire displays just in the neighborhood. They were all around us. I said it last year and I’m saying it again–this  is definitely one of the very best things about this country and people really get into it. I took some cell phone videos but until I figure out how to download them (following the manual instructions does NOT work), you will have to take my word for it. Well, here is something that will give the flavor of the evening: some guy videoing fireworks in Stockholm last night. That is kind of the way it was here: Hope it is viewable.

Today, the weather was cool and mostly windless and the sun came out. In other words, a perfect day. People were out taking advantage of it, jogging, walking, sightseeing and enjoying the nature, us among them.


On Saturday, a pipe broke and water was spilling everywhere down by the sea. Crews were out through Sunday trying to fix it and they will return tomorrow to finish the job.

IMAG4458 IMAG4460 IMAG4468 IMAG4469

The Westie is named Morris and he owns the couple here. We have run into them numerous times since we moved here. Really nice folks. The dogs are usually more recognizable than the people. I am sure that is how many people recognize us.

IMAG4461 IMAG4466 IMAG4470 IMAG4471 IMAG4473 IMAG4474 IMAG4475

IMAG4478 IMAG4480


We had a wonderful start to the new year and we hope  you did as well. All the best for 2013!


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