Beach Weather

Today was a nice brisk 15 F. (minus 10 C.) but no wind and sunny, so Swedes hit the beach. We were at Mariette’s parents for my birthday and after a wonderful meal of pork chops we hit the beach that lies 300 meters from their house. We were not the only ones there on a day like today.

ImageMoving a little closer to that group, we smelled something.


Ah, yes, hot dogs. Nothing like a cookout when it is 10 below.


Bianca invited herself to the party but Mariette nabbed her just before Bianca nabbed a sausage. 


The sea is frozen from several days of cold temperatures and little wind.


Perfect for taking the dog for a walk or ice skating.





That’s Mariette waving to me from the shore.



Kids sledding down the dunes onto the ice.


Back at home, Prada sacked out in Mariette’s father’s lap. She really has taken a shine to Olle which Bianca is attached to Mariette’s mom.



What’s left of a really, really tasty lemon birthday cake. 

Finally, appropos of nothing, here is a shot I took last week on the golf course before the last snowfall just as the sun was going down. One month ago the sun set at 3:45, now we are up to almost 5:00. By June it will be well after 10:00. 




5 thoughts on “Beach Weather

  1. I can’t get over the cookout on the frozen beach! I have actually never been in weather that cold before – we are hoping to move to to Sweden after our expat assignment in Thailand is over and the weather is what we are most excited about…that and the cake 😉

    • It was surprisingly pleasant with the sun shining and no wind to speak of. I used to think freezing weather was, well, freezing, but under certain conditions, it’s not really, if that makes sense. Now, when it is overcast and the wind is blowing, that is a different story. But Saturday was wonderful all around. . . especially the cake!

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