Chemtrails in Sweden?

Around 8 this morning I looked out my window to a clear sunny day. The sun was just coming up as I padded over to the window. I had to take a photo just for the evidence.

ImageThree planes flying very high up and a trail of something behind them, which sure did not look like a vapor trail to me. Within a half hour the sky turned a milky gray-white.


Luckily, I had some scenic views to take my mind off the chemtrail conspiracy theory rattling around in my head. It warmed up to the upper 30s here recently and the ice on the sea broke up and washed ashore.




Bianca sticks to the beach but Prada is curious and tests everything.

Yesterday, Mariette took some photos of them and here are a couple I particularly wanted to share.


Here they are keeping an eye on the neighborhood.


And here they are getting some rays. The days are getting noticeably longer which is wonderful. I have begun to realize that I like cold weather. (Well, cold relative to San Francisco.)


8 thoughts on “Chemtrails in Sweden?

  1. Great looking dogs!
    The grey sky is a result of clouds. It is weather. We have them clouds here now, here in Stockholm, and when they move away there will be clear skies again, airplanes or no airplanes.

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