Into the big time

Did two interviews today in preparation of an exhibition that opens May 9th. One was with a regional newspaper. The photographer came in a shot a ton of photos with a camera that must have been the photographic equivalent of an AK 47. That thing would shoot a lot of pictures really fast!


The subject of the paintings is the guy sitting there removing his glasses. This is Peter Wahlbeck, a well-known comedian here in Sweden but also an artist, a radio host, gallery owner and a bunch of other things. He made a good subject for the project because he doesn’t take himself seriously and that allowed me to explore something about portraiture I have wanted to do for a while. Some of my efforts are in the background of this shot.


Here is the bright young woman who runs the gallery for Peter. Rebecca worked in the art scene in Stockholm for several years but has moved back here to her home town.


This is the reported who interviewed us about the show.


This was the woman from the national radio station who interviewed Peter and me about the paintings and the show, etc.


Here’s another shot of Peter during the interview. This project has given me pause to reflect on how life has changed since moving here around 2 years ago. This will be my second show, I have begun writing songs with two musician friends, I teach English classes at the local folk university and am really enjoying the hell out of life these days. There is something about this society that really agrees with me.

More to come.



2 thoughts on “Into the big time

  1. Hi Dan, it’s great to hear about how well everything is going for you in sweden. With your positive attitude and openness for new people and experiences life will just continue to smile back at you :).

    Enjoy your upcoming trip. I’m in Santa Monica right now visiting my friend over the weekend.

    See you soon,


    • Hi, Helena, Thanks! And one of the nicest parts of my whole experience is your entire family. We had the yearly meeting at the museum yesterday and it struck me (again) what a cheerful family you have. What a group of Swedes! Someone brought up the idea of having a cousins party at our house this summer but Mariette wants to consult with you when it should be. Anyway, she will write you about that. Be well and we look forward to seeing you again soon! Dan

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