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Just as Groucho Marx once joked that he would never join a club that would have him as a member, I refuse to read any newspaper that would run a feature on me. This is  what happened this morning when the largest regional paper, The Halland Post, ran the interview they did with me yesterday. Apparently quite a few people read this paper because it was the first thing my neighbor mentioned this morning, asking me if I had seen it. I also ran into a couple that I often see on my morning walk with the dogs and they had seen it. This afternoon a friend and I went to another friend’s house to record a song and he told me that his father had seen it in and called his son to tell him. Newspapers may be dying in the U.S. but they appear healthy here.

Anyway, here we go:

ImageThere we are, right beneath the masthead.



“Koon has given Wahlbeck a carrot nose,” the paper libels on the front page of its Saturday edition. The outrage!



Then, in the culture section it gets worse: “Dan exhibits Peter Wahlbeck.” The article talks about how it was my idea to move to this haven of socialism and how I met Peter during last summer’s national orienteering competition in Halmstad, and why, though the exhibition is called “50 shades of Mr. Wahlbeck,” there are only portraits of him. My excuse: math was my worst subject in school and I cannot count higher than 10 with my shoes and socks on.


Finally, the portrait of Peter with a carrot nose. He is a vegetarian but has done some comic routines as Bengt the Butcher who works in a slaughterhouse. He did some skits where Bengt reports the latest news from the world of slaughterhouses which are very funny if you speak Swedish and funny even if you don’t. Here is a sample:

I also heard from a friend whose wife told him that the interview we did with the radio station yesterday ran today. So, there is some good publicity happening more than three weeks before the show. Hope is pays off in some sales or at least commissions for portraits. I wonder if anyone wants a painting of Peter Wahlbeck with a carrot for a nose and asparagus spear coming out of his ear on their wall at home. But, you never know. 



7 thoughts on “Cancel my subscription

  1. Dan you are creating a ruckus over there!
    Congrat on getting into the local paper, and with such a splash, with such a long
    article to boot.

    Seeing the video you attached, this guy seems very funny. Also, it is interesting
    to hear Swedes talk or sing as their pronunciations are so clear and articulate. I
    have also noted this with Danes and Germans. Anyway I hope this helps with
    your learning our strange singsonging language.

    • Lars, yes, the good diction that some people have does help to make it clear that, “Oh, there’s another word I don’t understand!” But slowly it is getting better. If I live to be 90 I will have the vocabulary of a five year old. Still. life is awfully good here.

  2. Congratulations! This is good for you! maybe it’ll pay for your trip to see your mom and more. But I think you ought to give a second thought to cancelling your subscription.

  3. Dan when I first really looked at the “vegetarian” painting was so LOL tickled by it. You continue to brighten the world with your humor…many thanks!

    • Hi, McGins, Yeah, that one seems to get the comments alright. Glad you like it. Sure hope it sells because I don’t know if I want that in my studio after the show! Dan

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